• Bespoke to your Unique Requirements
  • Cutting Edge Solutions
  • Reliable and Cost-Effective
Our aim is to provide all sites and properties (no matter the size) with the highest level of cost-effective security on the market. Each CCTV installation is designed to suit the needs of each individual client and powered by cutting edge analytic software crafted from the ground up.

Installations are thoroughly planned by our specialist teams which comprise of personnel with police and military vastly experience in loss prevention and public protection. Our system's performance is regularly monitored and maintained, ensuring constant protection across the UK. Our systems are adaptable to all industries, with the use of carefully selected hardware and companion software and technology.

Remote Monitoring

  • Effectively Secure your Assets
  • Managing H&S and Fire
  • Tailored Solutions
Once your monitoring system detects an intruder, fire or other unusual activity. The linking device and analytics will send the alarm triggers to our cutting edge remote monitoring center. The live footage is then routed directly to one of our experienced operator’s screens.

Our highly trained and qualified experts will be able to assess and if needed, deal with the situation guaranteeing the fastest possible response times.

If suspicious activity is confirmed, the operator will take immediate action. They will notify the emergency services and call the key holder to your property. We are proud of our ability to offer our customers unrivaled peace of mind.

Lone Worker Monitoring

  • Protect your Personnel
  • Inspire Confidence
  • Work Effectively
Steel Fort Group offers several applications and devices, enabled with GPS and SOS functionality. These solutions monitor staff locations vitals and welfare. Inbuilt technology can detect slips, trips and falls, while also providing your personnel an SOS function should they need immediate assistance. This will notify designated personnel or our monitoring team with pinpoint map coordinates of the lone worker's position. This allows for a quick response from either the emergency services or our mobile patrols that are first responders trained.

Physical Security Equipment

  • First Line of Defence
  • Market Leading Engineering
  • Proven Designs
Physical security is usually overlooked. Most companies tend to take care of the technical and administrative aspects of security. All the firewalls, intrusion detector systems, cryptography, and other security measures would be useless if someone were able to break in and steal your assets or important data.

Physical security ensures that criminals or attackers have to bypass through many layers of security to gain their objective. As a result, it gets harder for them to accomplish their mission.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Excellence from Start to Finish
  • All in One Solution
  • No Hassle
We have a friendly team both in our installation and service departments who ensure that the equipment we install, is to the highest standard. This allows a long and reliable lifespan of the equipment you purchase.

Our Support Team is committed to offering our customers vital support when it's needed most. Always on hand, with an out of hours emergency call-out service. Our specialist team of engineers can offer offsite and onsite support, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Static Guarding

  • Elite Professionals
  • Dedicated Saftey and Security
  • Honest and Integral
All sites are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage. Without expert security guards onsite or within proximity, sites can fall victim to repeated targeting from youths and criminal gangs. Many insurance companies even refuse to insure sites with no out-of-hours manned security. Which is where we come in.

All our security guards are fully SIA licensed, of smart attire and highly experienced. Our crime prevention specialists undertake a site-specific survey liaising with client management before starting each project. Patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and hot spots are identified and assessed to your satisfaction. The security operations are fully reportable and viable via our cutting edge guard tour software.

Security Patrols

  • Highly Effective Prevention
  • Visible and Professional
  • Cost-Effective
Steel Fort Group offers first-class Patrols and Response services. The use of a professionally marked vehicle is at the core of a mobile security patrol. These vehicles and operators conduct regular checks of the premise. Whether the timing of these visits are random or specifically set, they are proven to be a highly effective deterrent for crime and disorder for a fraction of the cost of site-based security.

All our security vehicles are tracked using GPS and onboard CCTV from our 24-hour control center using the latest software which monitors and supports each patrol unit. All data is readily available to our clients to ensure peace of mind that their assets are protected.


  • Professional response
  • Protects your staff and business
  • Convenient and Secure access
Contractors, deliveries and janitorial staff all need access and sometimes under supervision. Our officers are on-call to meet visitors, grant access, oversee their activity and close up the property at your request.

Alongside this, alarms tend to go off at night. Sending a staff member to respond not only puts them at risk but can also cost your bottom line in the time taken off in lieu. Our professional responders lead the industry in their response times, ensuring your business is not hindered.

Specialist Dog Units

  • Specialist Searches
  • Specialist Patrols
  • Crowd Control
Our security dog and handler teams provide effective security solutions for the larger, vacant and more complex sites. Patrol Dog Units are generally deployed where Security Officers may be at risk or if there are large areas to patrol.

They are trained to be safe with members of the public but can defend their handlers when necessary. Security dogs are also highly effective in scenarios where a lone security guard or small units of security guards are faced with a situation where they would be outnumbered. We also randomly deploy Dog Units as they are often a great deterrent for unwanted trespassers. Simply their onsite presence is enough to deter without the dog units and handlers having to do anything.

Event Management

  • Weddings and Parties
  • Festivals and Concerts
  • Corporate and Sporting Events
We have been providing comprehensive security services for events of all sizes, locations and requirements for more than a decade.

Whether you require security officers to guard the entrance to your wedding venue, mobile patrols to monitor a large festival arena or security guards to carry out crowd control, ticket management or risk assessments, we’ve got you covered.

Each of our security officers are SIA licensed and trained to the highest standards. We have also been ranked in the top five percent of Security Contractors, with our services being recognised as “industry-leading”.

As the premier choice for event security, you can rest assured that your event runs smoothly, successfully and is hassle-free.

Minimise risk and increase security

Our aim is to exceed expectations in the quality of service we provide, which is why continually invest in training our people to give them the highest levels of skills and knowledge.

Our technical team has a formidable background in security design, with specialties in electronics and computer security, enabling us to recommend and provide the most robust, bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet your exact requirements.

The high standards expected from our employees enable us to maintain a high standard of service to our clients and all at affordable and competitive rates. For a FREE, no obligation quote please contact us using the details below.


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